ux/ui designer

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bold chairs

industry_ design

client_ independent study with Prof. Eugene Park

year_ 2019

Bold Chairs contain Beatrice Warde's Crystal Goblet, Max Bill's essay, and Jan Tschicold's essay—-all relating to typography. The essays are not presented one after another; rather, the book presents these essays as if these individuals are having a conversation. One designer is given some time to talk, then another designer bumps in if what they say is related. The folding and binding of the book represent the expansion and inclusion of ideas as the pages literally open up to reveal more information. Although the essays are broken up, the pieces are ordered as they were written.

Cover slip with cutout pattern of chair. Person pulling out booklet from the cover slip. Front cover of booklet listing out the the title, the three essays, and directions. Open view of booklet. Person unfolding a page inside the booklet. Completed unfolded section of the booklet. Partially unfolded section of the booklet. Detail shot of page numbering system. Detail shot of page numbering and direction system. Detail shot of the last page of the booklet. View of a folder chair created from the cover sleeve cutout. View of the booklet, cover sleeve, and folder chair. View of arranged booklet from above, showing the connection of shapes from the pages forming a silhouette of a chair. View of test and work-in-progress samples.