ux/ui designer

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industry_ design

client_ independent study with Prof. Eugene Park

year_ 2019

Based on the principle "Quickness" based on Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium.This animated piece was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's Banana Walland Andy Warhol's Banana on the Velvet Underground's record cover. I created a time-lapse animation of bananas ripening and/or un-ripening which was then projected onto a set of plastic bananas suspended to the wall.

While the rapidly changing bananas literally reflect quickness, it also makes a statement on consumerism, plentiness, and replaceability of things in our "wealthier" society. The five three-dimensional bananas represent those than are within our vicinity of reach, as I have read about how humans can only keep around four to five things on their mind at once. Those beyond represent what we attempt to have (or pay attention to) but cannot actually grasp. In addition, the appearance of a new banana after the existing one reaches its "life" is meant to speak of how objects in our lives are easily replaceable—-to the point that we no longer value the item and create unnecessary waste.

Five plastic bananas painted in white and pasted to a white wall. The projection of the time-lapse of bananas on the plastic bananas on the wall.